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District 5 League

Fall league schedules are now available from District 5 and can be viewed from their website. For your convience, the Chinook calendar has been updated with all the games Chinook teams will be playing this fall. Please send us an email if you spot any errors.

View Chinook games for the weekend of 10/18/2008.

D5 NEWS: GU11 League games have been rescheduled, please check the District 5 website for the latest game changes.

Soccer Events

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Tournament Highlights

Chinook Fire 97 - Skagit Firecracker Champions
Fire 97 2008 Firecracker Champions
Fire 97 2008
Fire 97 2008 Cascade Cup Silver Champions
Fire 97 2008 Clash at the Border Silver Finalist

Chinook Fire 95 - Cascade Cup Gold Finalist
Fire 95 2008 Cascade Cup Gold Finalist

Chinook Ice 97 - Kent Cornucopia Finalist
Ice 97 (Connell) 2008 Chinook Cup Emerald Semi-Finalist
Ice 97 (Connell) 2008 Kent Cornucopia Silver Finalist
Ice 97 (Connell) 2008 Cowlitz Kickoff Finalist

Chinook Ice 97 - Summer Slam Champions
Ice 97 (Kleier) 2008 Chinook Cup Emerald Finalist
Ice 97 (Kleier) 2008 Summer Slam Champions

Chinook Ice 90 - Shelton Champions
Ice 90 2008 Shelton Champions
Ice 90 2008 Cowlitz Kickoff Champions

Fire 93 2008 Clash at the Border Finalist
Fire 93 2008 Cowlitz Kickoff Champions

Chinook Divas 2008 Federal Way Blast Off Champions

Chinook Ice 94 Chinook Cup Topaz Champions

About Chinook

In January 2007 the soccer clubs Eisenhower, Battle Ground and Prairie agreed to join together for the purposes of forming advanced level teams. With the help of Tri-Mountain the Chinook Soccer Alliance was able to form a select committee with delegates from each club. The committee has created operating procedures as well as identified teams, coaches and tryout dates for the upcoming 2007 soccer season.

The reason for this collaborative effort is due largely in part to the decreasing number of advanced level teams each of our clubs has been able to create. In 2006 Eisenhower had twelve ALC teams, Prairie had nine and Battle Ground only two, of those there were only pockets of success. By merging together we are able to create a much larger pool of coaches and kids allowing the formation of teams that otherwise wouldn't have the numbers to form. Another benefit of the alliance is that each recreational clubs board will now delegate their advanced level competition responsibilities to the select committee freeing them to focus on the larger pool of recreational players.

Chinook would like you to remember that soccer is a team sport in which we ask the players to work together to achieve a goal. As coaches and parents we should set the example by working as a team off the field to make soccer as accessible and enjoyable for all players of all levels.

Chinook Mailing List

Do you want to receive emails when new information is available for the Chinook Alliance? Send an email to with the subject "Inform Me" feel free to let us know of all the email addresses that you would like the information sent to in the body of the message.